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Moving Forward is the office of Registered Psychotherapist Sarah Krauss.  Sarah is a trained counsellor who is able to offer you supportive help.  She can guide you through a variety of life issues including overcoming addictions, anxiety and depression, PTSD, or other general problems.

She specializes in client centered and body-based approaches. Please roam the website to learn more about client centered counselling and what a body based approach means.


Due to the advances in brain imaging and neuroscience we now know more about how our brain encodes experience than ever before.  This has led to significant advances in understanding what is happening when we are feeling intense emotions, having relationship problems, or are under stress.  We have also learned how best to help people heal and feel whole again.

Additionally, over the past number of years, data has been collected indicating which psychological counselling techniques are the most helpful and effective.

My techniques and practice are based on the most current research and I am constantly updating my skills and knowledge in order to benefit my clients.


Perhaps you’re seeking psycotherapy because life is not working out in the way you want. Do you need someone with whom to share your thoughts, feelings and experience? Someone who will understand your pain and hurt and can help you find solutions that fit your unique approach to life?

I can help. I practice client centered counselling and am trained in non-judgemental, supportive deep listening. Essential to this type of work is the building of honest empathetic relationships with clients. Paramount is the dignity and worth of each individual.  This approach was first developed by the late Carl Rogers.  Since then, it has been expanded upon and shown to foster healing and positive change. Counselling techniques from other therapeutic models such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Gestalt, Feldenkrais, Internal Family Systems and many others are also adapted and used in my approach.


Sarah Krauss is a Registered Psychotherapist who specializes in client centered and body based approaches.  She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and has completed advanced training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  She also has a Bachelors of Education from University of Toronto and Bachelors of Arts from Brandeis University.

She is a Professional Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and abides by the Standards of Practice and Ethical Guidelines of the Ontatio College of Psychotherapists which can be seen at  crpo.ca/standards-regulations/

Sarah is a kind and compassionate counsellor with training in supportive deep listening and how to use mindfulness awareness of the body to heal emotional and psychological problems. She strives to help people feel restored, free and capable of creating the life and relationships they desire.

PHONE: 416.886.9261